Relaxation and Universal Meditation

Guided video session, for all ages and physical conditions.

In English with subtitles (take here the video file). Display the video in full screen to avoid distraction.

Easy practice of relaxation and meditation in 30 minutes

This video (in English and French with subtitles) presents a 30-minute session of relaxation or mindfulness meditation, guided by my voice and interspersed with a gong every 10 minutes to get your bearings. Accessible to all ages and physical conditions, very easy to do, the physical and mental benefits of this exercise are numerous when practised regularly.

How often should you practise it? Whenever you want. Once a day is enough or do it when you feel the need, such as once a week or once a month. There are no rules. Don't force yourself. Don't turn your moment of peace into a compulsion. Listen to your body, it will give you the signal.

This session offers two variations: you will choose either to relax in silence or to meditate on a fundamental question to help you progress.

With regard to meditation, the sequence of steps insists on the simultaneous awareness of body and mind, not sequentially (i.e., one after the other), but to target them at the same time. It invites you to feel the Life that radiates from each of them at the same moment. When you have mastered this practice and, not before having significantly developed your spirituality, go to the next step: merge them, unite the body to the soul, visualize their amalgamation so that these two entities are no longer separated, that they become one in you. With time, you will realize that the combination has been achieved when it is difficult for you to dissociate them. You will always feel their presence, however, one will not radiate without the other, they will no longer be dissociated.

After this, you will awaken the atrophied bond that persists at the bottom of the pelvis by stretching it through your body to the top of the skull. Help yourself by visualizing it as a large nerve being bandaged or a large flexible tube shimmering its energy from the bottom up. Then condense it with the radiance of Life from the body and soul so that it stays in place and keeps its shape. When this bond has gained substance — like a nerve passing a signal — you can unfold it to attach yourself to the Power of Life, touch it and share your being with humanity. You will perceive your place within the collective human consciousness, and you will experience — or not — a varying form of bliss.

At last, you can experience your intimacy with the Universe. Draw to yourself the energy that resides within the very molecules of air, water, objects, earth and the cosmic forces that surround us. Let this powerful energy permeate every fiber of your being. When you feel the waves of energy flowing into you, continue to call upon this source of light so that it fills you with increasing intensity, until you become saturated or an emotion arises. The elements have responded to your call without asking for anything in return, for they have recognized you as part of the Whole.

Extend these effects.

At the end of your meditation, try to maintain the state of mind you are in for as long as possible to make its action last.

If you wish to go even further, it is possible to permanently reproduce a state of mind close to this one, for your greatest benefit. Remember the state of your mind at the time of meditation (a feeling of serenity for yourself, universal peace, energy and strength, deeper brain vibrations, a more lucid perception of your greatness as a human being). To do this, try, in full consciousness, to recover this feeling. The result may seem messy at first, but with repetition, it will be perfect in a few moments. When you experience a feeling of confusion or discontent, think about this exercise. Your humanity will immediately regain control.

Another technique in 10 minutes.

If you can't isolate yourself, you can practise a quick and simple meditation. Take a comfortable position, close your eyes and breathe normally without forcing for 10 minutes, and stay focused on your breath. Feel the ebb and flow of air through your nostrils, lifting your chest and belly. Keep the breath, its feeling and action at the centre of your attention. If you realize that you have other thoughts, let them pass like clouds in the sky, do not judge them, let them go, and simply bring your attention back to your breath and its effects. Never criticize yourself for having lost your concentration and always be kind to yourself. This meditation is shallower than the first one, but it will already do you good.

To go even further between the mind and body.

Two exercises promote the connection between the mind and body through the conscious control of two distinct automatisms. Based on Wim Hof's method, they give amazing results on physical and mental well-being. With regular practice, the mind and body will be able to adapt and work in harmony to stimulate their potential or to fight against a disturbing situation.

The first exercise consists of performing 3 series of intense breaths, then holding your breath for as long as possible. Lie down comfortably in a quiet place. Take 30 to 40 deep breaths at a steady pace for about 2 minutes or more. Inhale with your chest and belly fully inflated for 2 seconds and exhale fully for 2 seconds, and continue this cycle steadily. Once you have reached 30 to 40 breaths, exhale normally but not completely (keep a very small amount of air to avoid the feeling of pressure in the lungs) and remain in apnoea for as long as possible. When you feel the urge to breathe again, but never go near dizziness, inhale deeply and hold your breath for 30 seconds. Then exhale slowly and repeat the series of 30 to 40 cycles a second time. Finish with a third series, but instead of ending by emptying your lungs, take a deep breath and hold it for as long as possible. Finally, exhale slowly, then inhale deeply, hold your breath one last time for 30 seconds, exhale slowly. Finish quietly with 5 deep breaths and stand up calmly to avoid dizziness.
During the stages where you hold your breath, you will experience very pleasant sensations. Let go, think of nothing, let it come and enjoy all the perceptions that arise. Or focus your attention on your body and mind at the same time, feel and merge the power of life that radiates from these two entities to become one within you. As in meditation, your consciousness will evolve and you will cultivate great energy. In addition to the conscious control of an automatism, this practice offers many physiological benefits (for example, some cells will be energized by receiving the oxygen they lacked). Do not practise several sessions in a row without respecting a rest period, you risk hurting yourself. Allow a few hours or a day to pass, especially if you feel discomfort during the exercise (such as a headache). Listen to your body, if it tells you to stop, obey it.

The second exercise is to take only cold water showers. You'll have more fun than a hot shower! The benefits and the physical and mental well-being of this cold shower are multiple and real. To overcome the first panic reflex, start by taking deep and regular breaths without pausing. Focus your attention on your controlled breathing instead of the water temperature. Then, awaken a state of relaxation and mastery of the situation. Don't take this cold as an aggression, but experience it as a blessing and a moment of joy. Trust your body, it knows how to adapt! Without forcing yourself, you will expose to it very gradually from day to day, from a few seconds to several minutes, in summer and winter, to wash yourself or to recover after an effort. Here again, in addition to the conscious control of another automatism, this practice brings multiple physiological advantages (for example, the vascular system will be invigorated).

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