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On this page, you will find all the files that can be accessed on this website on a self-service basis. These range from technical datasheets, reports and recipes for delicacies.
If you want to distribute this material again, please respect the copyright by at least having the courtesy to cite the author and the source.

Delicious recipes for cakes and pastries

In French only. Here's my recipe book of delicious cake: a succulent brioche, real croissants, ultimate pancakes (a fabulous recipe) that you will accompany with a very greedy chocolate hazelnut spread and an easy and tasty salted butter caramel, German cakes (Apfelstrudel, crumble and custard cream cake)… These are either original recipes or recipes that I have taken over with my comments to improve them. I have put the same level of requirements in them as in my sweet recipes described below.

The 6 best mini-cakes to be served with tea, coffee or a snack.

In French only. Here are 6 exclusive recipes from madeleines, financiers, butter biscuits, mini cake, muffins and bricks. You thought you knew these familiar recipes and their typical tastes? Rediscover these great classics as if it were the first time. I have created these personal recipes with a lot of diligence and many tries until I was completely satisfied. They are all excellent and of superior quality. Guaranteed success among gourmets. They are perfect for a snack and to keep your spirits up! Everything is detailed so that you succeed on the first try. The process can seem complex because it is very precise. Indeed, I did not leave room for approximation. There is a reason for the choice of each weight of ingredients, each skill and method of operation, all confirmed by numerous tests and variations. (PDF format, 6 pages with photos, 326 KB)

Law courses and internet

In French only. This is a lecture that I have been giving for several years to undergraduate Webmaster students at the university. This handout is accessible to non-lawyers. All aspects of the internet for the use of web developers and website operators are covered. Very complete with references to codes, laws and case law, as well as concrete advice on how to protect yourself. (Up-to-date as of May 2013, 32 pages, PDF format, 1.6 Mb)
P.S.: I do not give legal advice, contact a specialist lawyer.

Software and the law (free and proprietary licences, and other concepts)

In French only. This is a lecture that I have been giving for several years to undergraduate Webmaster students at the university. I introduce software licence agreements, the differences between proprietary and free licences and their general guidelines (GPL, LGPL, BSD, MIT, Apache…). The notions of copyleft and legality of reverse engineering are explained. If you don't understand anything about licensing, this presentation is for you. (Up-to-date November 2011, 18 pages, 140 slides, PDF format, 1.7 MB): I don't give legal advice, contact a specialist lawyer.

Creating a website in HTML language

In French only. Here is an old handout from a course given to computer science students at the university in 1996. Even though techniques have evolved (computer power, broadband access), some concepts haven't change: how to create a quality, well-designed, easy-to-navigate and user-oriented web site.
This course is divided into two parts: 1. good website design (theory on good practices for easy navigation), still valid today, even 20 years later; 2. HTML 3.2. The standard has evolved but the basis is still there, explained to beginners. And you will learn things that webmasters still don't know: the important thing is not the design and the technology, but the content and the way to present it to the user. (PDF format, 103 pages, 492 KB)


In French only. How do you build the best audio system in the world? It is very serious, very easy, and it works with small computer speakers. Yes, it does, try it! (PDF Format, 280 Kb)

“If-” you'll be a Man…

Re-discover Rudyard Kipling's famous poem “If- you'll be a Man, my son” which has inspired so many generations. It celebrates the courage to overcome hardship.

I've decided to succeed

I have put together 10 tried and tested tips for finding the will to successfully achieve your ambitions and overcome obstacles in your personal and professional life.

Gourmet treats

Exquisite recipes for mini-cakes (madeleines, financiers, biscuits, cakes, muffins) and other delicacies (croissants, brioche, traditional cakes…).